Macro photography, something for a rainy day isn’t it? I bought a Nikon 60mm Macro lens a couple of years ago (for some commercial assignment work which involved shooting closeup details of wetsuits and other diving gear). I haven’t used the lens enough but the other day I found myself distracted from the joys of Microsoft Excel and in the kitchen poking a lens at this nice red jobbie on the windowsill.

Working this close to subject allows you to explore a whole new world, for this shot the camera lens is about 2 inches from the petals. Exposure was 1/100th at F4.5 at ISO200.

For the 2nd shot I wanted to show some outline around the flower, I know that against the window the contrast range is huge so why not just expose for the flower and let the window blow out for a ‘studio’ clean white background.

Could be something for you to try next time its pouring outside…


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