Day Four – Cusco, Peru 13-01-2014

Alarm clock goes at 5am, its time to climb a hill. Back up to the top of Saqsaywaman, we reece’d the location the previous day. A gruelling climb with kit at altitude, all the time the sky getting brighter around us – a sense of urgency increasing as the sun begins to light the mountaintops in the valleys surrounding Cusco. Finally make it – shoot the Blanco Christ statue with golden light on him, back to the main view – a panoramic of the city of Cusco with the first light illuminating the rooftops. Difficult exposure if I want to include the sun in the frame but I feel the image needs it, will pull back the underexposed portion of the image later in post production. All done and its only just past 6am, a well earned breakfast awaits us.





Saqsaywaman, Cusco, Peru

Saqsaywaman, Cusco, Peru


After enjoying  Arsenal’s richly deserved win against Aston Villa at the highest Irish pub in the world (apparently) I headed down to the Plaza de Armas, planning a night shot of the square. I’d visited earlier in the day so knew exactly where I wanted to be, a view showing the main fountain in the centre of frame with the cathedral and church either side. Using a Nikon PC28mm shift lens I was able to keep all the verticals straight, I also fitted a 6 stop ND Filter to prolong the exposure – with the aim of blurring some of the people milling around the square.

Plaza de Armas, Cusco, Peru

Plaza de Armas, Cusco, Peru


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