New York City in January

12:55pm 09-01-14 –  Newark Airport, Terminal C, New Jersey Sitting at the airport gate, my South American adventure about to begin, shortly I’ll step aboard a jet plane to transport me to the capital of Peru. I’ve had a quick … Continue reading

Mono or Colour?

Manhattan, New York City, USA

Manhattan, New York City, USA

Dull picture in colour, I liked the steam rising from the vents but the colours are not in harmony and serve only as a distraction..

But in black and white it just works, its not the best picture I took in New York that week, its not even the best picture I took that morning, but its a good example of an image I might have deleted from the back of the camera, that ended up being worth keeping…(Technical info – Nikon D700 with 70-200mm at F5.6 1/640th Sec ISO500 – B & W conversion in Photoshop CS5)