2 Nights in La Paz, Bolivia

From Sorata it was a painfully uncomfortable minibus ride into the de facto capital of Bolivia – La Paz, which is the highest (de facto) capital in the world at 3650 metres. (Sucre is officially the capital of Bolivia but La Paz is the seat of government and everything runs from here.) From the city centre I caught a taxi up to El Alto (The Heights in Spanish), which is now recognised as a separate city, overlooking La Paz at an altitude of 4150 metres up. From a viewpoint next to the main road I spent both evenings photographing the late light catching La Paz below.









One of the famous sights to see in La Paz is the Mercado de Hechecería (The Witches Market), here one can find Llama foetuses, herbal cures, incense and good luck charms. I bought a stone promising safety and prosperity from this stall..












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