Sucre, Capital of Bolivia

A 40 minute flight or an 11 hour bus ride? It was a tough choice but I opted for the aerial route from La Paz to Sucre. Architecturally this is a much more picturesque place than La Paz. The whitewashed colonial buildings of the old town area is all preserved  (it was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 1991), and there is a government regulation that all the buildings must be whitewashed at least once a year. This, along with the drop in altitude (Sucre sits in a valley at 2810 metres), made it a agreeable destination for a few days. I took a couple of 1-1 Spanish lessons while here, and probably should have done that earlier in the trip.

I would certainly recommend ‘Me Gusta‘ Spanish school to anyone else in town, they listened to what I wanted to get out of the lessons and made sure it was all practical, useful stuff. If I had more time (and if the light had been better) I would have stayed longer and done more tuition. (I think my lessons worked out at about £5 per hour)

Iglesia de San Francisco at night, Sucre, Bolivia


Using a Nikon 28mm PC lens I shot 8 frames (4 along the bottom and 4 shifted up for the top) and then stitched together as a panoramic in Photoshop CS5. Quite an intensive job with D800E files but the Macbook and portable Samsung 1TB drive handled it in a few minutes.

Facade of building, Sucre, Bolivia

The Cathedral, Sucre, Bolivia

The Cathedral, Sucre, Bolivia

The Cathedral gates, Sucre, Bolivia

Prefectura, Sucre, Bolivia

Prefectura, Sucre, Bolivia


Chuquisaca Governorship from the main square

The Cathedral gates at night, Sucre, Bolivia


Sucre Cathedral seen through the gates at night

The Cathedral at night, Sucre, Bolivia

Vintage Ford Car, Sucre, Bolivia

5 thoughts on “Sucre, Capital of Bolivia

  1. Beautiful photos! I especially love the one of Sucre Cathedral seen through the gates at night. I also studied at Me Gusta Spanish School and had a fabulous experience there. Hope you enjoyed your time in the ‘White City’. I still have another 6 or so months here, I don’t want to leave 🙂


    • Thank you Brigid, Yeah I really liked Sucre – it was a nice pace of life after La Paz, just a little frustrated that the skies were overcast most of the time I was there because there was a lot more I could have done photographically in the place. B


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