Santiago, Chile

Aerial view of Santiago City at Sunset, Santiago, Chile

“All we could see was the dust on the road ahead” Che Guevera – The Motorcycle Diaries Valpara√≠so to Santiago is just a couple of hours on the bus. Here in the Chilean capital I rented apartments with rooftop views, … Continue reading

Sucre, Capital of Bolivia

A 40 minute flight or an 11 hour bus ride? It was a tough choice but I opted for the aerial route from La Paz to Sucre. Architecturally this is a much more picturesque place than La Paz. The whitewashed … Continue reading

Into the mountains – Sorata, Bolivia

From Copacabana I caught a La Paz bound bus eastwards, and at Huarina jumped off. It was the sort of town where the other travellers on the bus must have been wondering what on earth I was getting off for, … Continue reading